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Werner SZENDI - international visual artist
Austria | Czech | Dubai | Germany | Italy | Tanzania | Turkey
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Werner Szendi

Changing the World through positive art

Unity, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

We are all one. We are all connected.

God -
Christians "Father"
Muslims "Allah"
Hindus "Vishnu"
Buddhists "Buddha"
Jews "Lord"

By whatever name, God is in every mineral,
every plant, every animal and every human being.
Anything negative we do to others harms us all in reality.
We must recognize this and choose to unite our diversities
with positivism, tolerance, and love.

It is only then that we can embrace with solidarity
and unite by way of a mutual understanding
of the need for peace, harmony, and unconditional love.
Only then can we live, love, and laugh... together as one world.

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